She wields a guitar like Darth Vader would wield his light saber. And she can sing her ass off ”

— Texas Blues Magazine

Marina Rocks Wins 1st Place Eddie's Attic 51st Songwriter Shootout 2019

Marina Rocks opens for Jeff Plankenhorn @ The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Galveston,TxDec 28th

Marina Rocks NAMM Show Jan.18,2020 @ Godin Guitars Rm 12:30-12:50

Marina Rocks Eddie's Attic Decature,Georgia Aug.12th

Marina Rocks " The Moontower" Austin,Texas Aug. 17th

Marina Rocks & Tribe of Clyde @ Twin Creeks Austin TX Aug 8th- 8pm

El Mercado Presents Waterloo Wed. w/ John Inmon, Friends & Marina Rocks - Austin,Tx. 6/26/19

Marina Rocks opens for Wrecks Bell @ Anderson Fair June 29th Houston,Tx

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