Marina Rocks Interstate 88 late night sessions Rm 741 Fri. Feb 3rd Folk Alliance Westin Crowne-Kansas City,Mo.

House of Blues Foundation Rm - Anaheim, California Jan 13, 2023

Hotel Cafe Jan 15, 2023 Los Angeles, California

Americana Conference day event w/ 'Interstate 88' @ Arnolds Country Kitchen-Nashville,Tenn.- Sept.15, 2022 - 1:35-2pm

Marina Rocks - Austin to Houston New album review in Americana Highways-by John Apice

"I’m most impressed with how Marina finds the right lyric to emphasize & curl around in her mouth like a peppermint ball. Allowing it to melt slowly & letting the flavor last even after the song’s over. These 8 songs are textured with passion as “Sleepy Hollow” — just a touch of echo sweetens Marina’s voice. Her presence in this tune is an ideal headphone song."

“Shine” is superb with its multiple voices that Marina layers throughout. Including a child-like Nanci Griffith tone as the guitars splash all around in a well-recorded take. I think the appropriate word is dynamic. That sums up Ms. Rocks – this is a great song. “Comeback Kid,” is somewhat a swipe at Bruce Springsteen territory. That’s fine, but Marina has done better. It’s her vocalizing that keeps this anchored as well as the brief vibrant foot stomping & hand clapping interlude."

"Marina has good creative elements in the tradition of Bonnie Raitt — that reach for mainstream ears. I liked all her songs. But the CD was far too short a collection. A reprise of “Sleepy Hollow” instrumentally sounds like the late guitar virtuoso John Fahey communicating through Marina’s fingers. Stunning work."