European Press: July 2022 Luminous written by: Bart Verlent

Luminous  Marina Rocks album review written by: Bart Verlent

"Marina, despite her suggestive last name, she is not a typical rock chick, she makes convincing songs in which we hear influences from Melissa Etheridge, Edie Brickell and Eva Cassidy. Hopefully with this album she gets the attention of a big record company, because she certainly deserves it"


Texas Blues Magazine

" She weilds a guitar like Darth Vader would weild his light sabre. With lightin speed and laser-sharp precision, she can pierce the ego of most any guitar warrior who dares threaten her turf. And she can sing her ass off."

"She`s beautiful..she`s petite..and she`s dangerous! Her name is marina..and she`s bad to the bone.

"Definitely not your ordinary girl singer/guitar player."

"Her style could be referred to SRV meets Steve Vai...possesing a natural ' killer intinct".

Houston Music News

The album "Believe in Love" ..."has more artistic integrity than the last 5 American Idol winners combined"

Night Moves Magazine

"The fans love marina.Little blond chick who positively wails on the guitar and sings her heart out."

" Marina was born & raised in Austin,Texas.where her mother took her to hear great acts like Waylon, & Jerry Jeff. Marina cut her teeth on a 3/4 zize Stella guitar and has`nt looked back. her originals aren`t the sappy relationship tunes you expext from female songwriters - but tunes like 'TVm", a song unlikely to get air time on MTV with lyrics like "TVm" at your door,selling you their dirty little war..."

(TVm charted @ # 2 on Texas Top


"She has bigger balls than most men guitarists I know. She has a great fluid style and her staccato riffs have a precision not seen with sloppy wankers like myself. This woman is a true player with a great future ahead of her".

"Bad-Ass Rock- It`s not a guy thing any more"

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