Houston Music News..Steve Rangel

The album "Believe in Love" ..."has more artistic integrity than the last 5 American Idol winners combined"

Texas Blues Magazine

" She weilds a guitar like Darth Vader would weild his light sabre. With lightin speed and laser-sharp precision, she can pierce the ego of most any guitar warrior who dares threaten her turf. And she can sing her ass off."

"She`s beautiful..she`s petite..and she`s dangerous! Her name is marina..and she`s bad to the bone.

"Definitely not your ordinary girl singer/guitar player."

"Her style could be referred to SRV meets Steve Vai...possesing a natural ' killer intinct".

Night Moves Magazine

"The fans love marina.Little blond chick who posively wails on the guitar and sings her heart out."

" Marina was born & raised in Austin,Texas.where her mother took her to hear great acts like Waylon, & Jerry Jeff. Marina cut her teeth on a 3/4 zize Stella guitar and has`nt looked back. her originals aren`t the sappy relationship tunes you expext from female songwriters - but tunes like 'TVm", a song unlikely to get air time on MTV with lyrics like "TVm" at your door,selling you their dirty little war..."

(A 2002 composition that went to # 2 on Texas Top

Terry Mathews wins Associated Press Award

Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe Townes Van Zandt wake Review....
Congratulations TERRY MATHEWS for winning 1st place Associated Press Award for this cool article..Thank you Wrecks & Janet Bell @ The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe for keeping the spirit alive. God Bless Townes.